Treating Hair Loss and Hair Weakness


The original Afghani Hashish Oil provides safe and comfortable treatment for hair loss. A single treatment phase can activate and provoke natural hair growth.
Hair loss treatment is designed especially to activate hair bisection line, activate blood circulation, re-store hair in bald spots and provoke hair to grow from the original cell, allowing hair follicles to restore their function.
Basically, the main function of the original Afghani Hashish Oil is to activate blood circulation in the scalp. As a result, an increase in total active hair follicles and roots occurs. This increase of active hair follicles and roots helps accelerate hair growth, cause more flexibility to hair and thoroughly clean the accumulated dirt in the pores of the scalp. 
The formula of the original Afghani Hashish Oil promotes the permeability of cannabis seeds by changing the arrangements of skin cells while providing necessary moisture to skin cells. The moisture is provided by dissolving greasy secretions resulted from sebaceous glands causing the expansion of these glands and thus enhancing the scalp’s response to treatment. 
This innovated technology helps the effective components access the original cells to assist hair follicles in restoring their function. The technology also facilitates the absorption of treatment and provides hair follicles with the sufficient nutrition. 

The original Afghani Hashish Oil is the appropriate treatment for all kinds of baldness and hair loss problems. It is the most advanced and effective treatment of male pattern baldness and can restore hair growth in these following hair loss types:
•     Seborrheic baldness (caused by excessive greasy secretions)
•     Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenic alopecia)
•    Alopecia areata
•    Mixed baldness
•    Chemical baldness
•    Pelada
•    Stripping (skin becomes hard and hair follicles are damaged).
These are common hair loss problems among men and women. 

Seborrheic Baldness
It is one of the problems that the original Afghani Hashish Oil treats effectively. This case occurs as a result of excessive greasy secretions that accumulate in the hair follicle and thus stop hair from growing. 
The original Afghani Hashish Oil works successfully for 95% of men who suffer most common hair loss problems where 75% of male pattern baldness cases were successfully treated.  

Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenic or Androgenetic alopecia) 
A genetic disease inherited through the maternal and paternal genes. The cause of this hair loss is the effect of Dai Hadrutstosteron hormone (DHT) on hair follicles which shortens the hair growth cycle. This type of baldness occurs gradually since it leads to a decline in total hair lines and balding. The sooner we start treatment the better. People who suffer from male pattern baldness are in need of continuous treatment to protect hair follicles and prevent the influence of DHT, just like other types of baldness. Male pattern baldness can be treated by the original Afghani Hashish Oil that restores hair growth in 50% of men who suffer from this common hair loss problem.

To what extent is the effectiveness of the original Afghani Hashish Oil?
When it comes to reviving hair follicles, the original Afghani Hashish Oil is the best product to everlasting results. People who suffer from male pattern baldness or other types of hair loss baldness will experience wonderful results when they use the Oil. Their lives will change for better just by adding a simple routine to their daily lives one time in the evening for a temporary period.
Most men mentioned that they experienced growth of new hair after 50 days of using the original Afghani Hashish Oil. For people suffering from alopecia areata, new hair grows thin, and can turn to yellow or black and from thin to thick. As a result of the wrong treatment of alopecia areata, white hair needs time to become black again. Most patients with simple alopecia areata cases can restore hair by the end of one or two treatment cycles. Yet those with medium or advanced alopecia areata cases will need longer time according to the extent of baldness they have. Every treatment cycle lasts three months. 
To get the best results, it is important to use the original Afghani Hashish Oil until the end of the treatment period (3 months) despite the positive results that occur early. 
Don’t panic if you accidently stopped applying the Oil for a few days. But if you stopped it for a longer period, the effectiveness of the Oil will be reduced. 

How much time is needed for the most difficult cases?
The treatment cycle of the Original Afghani Hashish Oil provides lasting results when hair starts growing again. The Oil provokes hair follicles to grow naturally. Unlike other hair growth products, you don’t need to keep applying the Oil after completing the three- month period. You will not also experience hair loss in the future after these 90 days. 
After completing the first treatment period that lasts for three months, you can continue applying the Oil three times a week to get stronger thicker hair. We recommend all patients continue applying the Oil three times a week (once a day) to maintain nutrition to hair follicles and stop the influence of DHT. 
With regular use, the original Afghani Hashish Oil can double the results that have been accessible in previous treatment cycles for non-stop degrees. The Oil recovers the function of hair follicles and helps your scalp absorb the necessary nutrients to maintain the good level which was obtained during the treatment period.