Shipping to All Countries around the World
We at Al-Mustashreq Trading Co. are committed to deliver the safest and most effective treatment of hair loss to all countries around the world. We extend our best efforts to provide the fastest shipping service possible. All shipping orders are arranged within 24 hours 7 days a week after confirmation of payment. We usually use DHL service, but in some countries we might use FedEx, DHL, UPS or any other shipping company that is the fastest and nearest to the customer’s location. Each shipment has its own tracking number that we send via e-mail or SMS to help you track your shipment online. 


Arrival of Shipment
Inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the shipment takes 24-48 work hours to arrive to your address; 3-5 working days in all Arab countries; and 5-7 working days in the rest of the world. If your order was delayed more than 10 days, check with the nearest shipping company that your shipment was sent through so they can help you track your shipment. 


Ensuring Privacy
All our shipments are packed with only the addressees’ names written on them. The shipping label is classified and does not indicate any relationship to treatment of hair loss by the original Afghani Hashish Oil.


If You Have Inquiries about Your Order
Contact us via email or phone. In case we could not locate your order, please call us and our specialists will follow up your order with the shipping company.