Safety Precautions and Guidelines


It is important to follow the procedures when using the original Afghani Hashish Oil that effectively treat hair loss. Follow these safety precautions in order to enjoy a successful experience of hair growth.
These precautions are divided to do’s and don’ts. 

•    Apply sufficient amount on the entire scalp whether on affected or non-affected areas to avoid transmitting baldness to others areas in the future. 
•    Apply the Oil only when your hair is dry. 
•    Use the Oil after shower as it will have a longer effect. The product needs at least 3 hours to dry and provide necessary nutrition to hair follicles. 
•    In case you dropped the Oil on your forehead, wipe it with t a wet towel. 
•    You don’t need to change your hair products when you use the Oil as you can continue using the appropriate shampoo to your hair. 
•    If you have undergone a hair transplant, it is better to use the Oil after 6 months of the operation. 
•    After completing the 3-month treatment period, it is recommended to use the Oil but in less dosage (3 times a week to protect the nutrition of hair follicles).

•    Do not use the Oil on wounds and skin infections.
•    Don’t use the Oil with other hair loss treatment products.
•    Don’t use products that contain Minoxidil with the use of the Oil.
•    The Oil should be used on the scalp only and not on areas such as eyes or mouth.
•    Stop using the Oil if you faced allergic reactions.

For external use only; do not swallow; keep away from the reach of children
If the Oil is applied on burnt areas or scars, it will not be effective as such areas have dead hair roots.