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بسعر الجملة

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The original Afghani Hashish Oil is an effective treatment for the following diseases and skin infections:

1-    Alopecia and androgenic alopecia
2-    Bacterial infections such as furunculosis; viral infections such as chickenpox and herbes zoster; and parasitic infections such as cutaneous leishmaniasis 
3-    Skin tumors and cancers and tumors related to immunity such as lupus erythematosus
4-    Fungal infections: such as favus 
5-    Treating premature graying of hair (treating the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide)
6-    Hair loss due to persistent gentle pulling of hair
7-    Hair loss due to frequent friction in cases such as eczema and scalp sensitivity
8-    Hair loss due to stress
9-    Secondary hair loss due to general diseases such as anemia and thyroid problems
10-    Hair loss due to medication used to treat thyroid problems, cancer and epilepsy