No Side Effects

The Safest Solution to Restore Your Hair

The safest way restore your hair is to use the original Afghani Hashish Oil that provides you with real results in short period. The original Afghani Hashish Oil is prepared from the extract of the Afghani cannabis seeds at highly sophisticated bioengineering labs which led to huge success without any side effects!
The original Afghani Hashish Oil is an advanced medication for hair growth and is considered the most effective in the treatment of androgenic alopecia caused by increased sensitivity to male sex hormones. The product works to relax smooth muscle cells in the walls of blood vessels leading to the expansion of blood vessels and improvement of blood circulation.
No case of sensitivity or side effects was recorded after using the original Afghani Hashish Oil. The Oil was tested earlier on 40 persons (men, women and children) from different age groups. As a matter of fact, the Oil has been used in countries such as India, Pakistan and Afghanistan for thousands of years as a major treatment for baldness and androgenic alopecia or for thickness, length and softness as it is 100% safe. 

Ensuring Safety 

Al-Mustashreq Trading Co. pledges to its customers that the original Afghani Hashish Oil is completely safe and produces real results. If you are using our product, then be sure that you are safely growing new hair without the need for a prescription. Only products that contain drugs and chemicals require the consultation of a doctor before using them. The original Afghani Hashish Oil, on the other hand, is a pure natural herbal product that does not contain any harmful elements and has no side effects as it was tested on humans. So before using any product to grow your hair, use a highly effective, 100% safe product such as the original Afghani Hashish Oil to grow your hair and enjoy its real height and thickness which will exceed your expectations.