How to use


Read this carefully before applying the Oil. 

Make sure your scalp is dry and clean before applying the oil to avoid the dilution of the product with water or other chemicals. For women, apply 10 ml, for men apply 7 ml, and for children above 2 apply 4 ml. 

Use the original Afghani Hashish Oil once daily in the first month and every other day in the second and third months. Using your fingers, do a massage for your entire scalp for at least 1-2 minutes so your hair roots absorb the effective substance. Don’t massage harshly as it will remove weak hair follicles. Let the Oil dry for at least 3 hours and maximum 12 hours, or apply it before you sleep to wash it in the next morning. To get the best results, you must wash your scalp with a natural shampoo that contains fewer chemicals. Many shampoos slow the progress of hair treatment due to the strong chemicals they contain which harm hair on the long term. Despite the positive early results, you must complete the three-month treatment period at minimum. It is recommended to continue applying the original Afghani Hashish Oil but in a less dosage (2 – 3 times a week) after completing the three-month treatment period. This will maintain the good condition of your scalp, nurture hair follicles and increase hair length and thickness. After completing the three-month period, results will be consistent even when stopping using the Oil and with no side effects. 

There are no side effects whatsoever according to medical experiments.
Pregnant and nursing mothers can safely use the original Afghani Hashish Oil as it is completely natural and safe to pregnancy and fetus. 

Important Tip
To gain the best results, it is important to use the original Afghani Hashish Oil for 90 days even if new hair starts growing. This basic treatment period must be completed. 



•    It is better to use gloves when applying the product, especially for women, so hair won’t grow on their hands.
•    Avoid using chemicals in the treatment period such as straighteners, dyes, gels and sprays.
•    Don’t mix other oils with the original Afghani Hashish Oil.
•    Don’t use for children under 2 years.
•    Don’t use for eye lashes.
•    Store in room temperature and don’t expose it to direct sunlight.
•    Don’t leave the product on your scalp for more than 12 hours.
•    For men, don’t shave your head during the treatment period to avoid eliminating new hair follicles. 
•    For men, don’t shave your chin or mustache in a reverse matter in case you are using the product to grow hair in chin or mustache. 
•    Use a measure tool to measure the daily dose and distribute it on the scalp.  
•    For external use only.