Hair Care Tips


It has been our responsibility for many years to help our customers reach desired outcomes by providing the essential safe lotions to grow and maintain new hair. The list below will help you maintain healthy hair. It is important to consider the following when using the original Afghani Hashish Oil. 

Follow these tips to maintain healthy hair:
•    Appropriate nutrition helps maintain healthy hair. Keep balanced meals and eat foods rich with protein and calcium. Avoid junk food and foods that contain high percentage of sugar and fats. 
•    Nutritious foods and supplements:
o    Legumes
o    Yogurt
o    Almonds
o    Vitamin B
o    Fish
•    Before washing your hair, comb it carefully to avoid tangled hair. 
•    Before using shampoo, wash your hair with warm water (35- 38 ° C) to make it wet. 
•    Use appropriate shampoo to your hair that makes it elegant and easier to comb. Most shampoos make hair dry after use. 
•    Repeat washing hair with shampoo when needed. Most hairstylists say that the more you wash hair with shampoo the greater hair loss will occur. In fact, using shampoo regularly helps opening the pores and getting rid of dead skin cells. 
•    Avoid using strong shampoos and gels, hair sprays, hair dyes and hair bleaches. The following drugs used in some shampoos are a strong reason for hair loss: Clofibrate (Atromid-S), Gemfibrozil (Lopid) and other drugs used to lower cholesterol levels. 
•    When applying shampoo or conditioner, don’t use your nails. Instead, use your palms and fingers to massage your hair and scalp gently in circular moves. This helps activate blood circulation and maintain soft and shiny hair. 
•    Rinse your hair thoroughly by washing it with water for no less than 2 minutes. This will ensure no build up on the scalp. 
•    Use the original Afghani Hashish Oil after rinsing and drying your hair. This is the best time for the scalp to absorb the Oil. 
•    Conditioners are good to your hair. It is important to use them once in a while to soften and protect hair after using the shampoo. Many shampoos contain oils that can be washed by conditioners. 
•    Massage your scalp weekly to activate hair follicles. 
•    Use regularly oil baths to protect your hair. 
•    Quit smoking and reduce the amount of caffeine and soft drinks intake as they weaken hair growth. 
•    Straightening, waving and dying hair often damage hair follicles. Continuing to do so will lead eventually to hair loss or partial baldness.
•    If you suffer from hair loss, then it is not recommended to use hair dryers and curls especially when using the Afghani Hashish Oil in the first month. 
•    Permanent hair dying and curling damage hair. Avoid them as much as possible. When using hair gel or cream, use as little amount as possible because they damage the scalp and wash them thoroughly with shampoo.
•    Avoid excessive exposure to sun, wind and the chemicals in swimming pools because they may harm your hair. 
•    Trimming hair regularly helps reduce hair breakage and makes hair seem healthier. 
•    Getting enough rest and sleep helps your body grow hair.