Beware of Counterfeits

Unfortunately, after the huge success gained by the original Afghani Hashish Oil in 2004, numerous imitation products popped up under the name of “hashish oil” such as, Indian Hashish Oil, Pakistani Hashish Oil, Moroccan Hashish Oil, Black Raw Hashish Oil and Green Hashish Oil.
Most dealers of such products are anonymous individuals who use social networks for their trade. Some perfumery and spice shops are also promoting blend of oils randomly sold and traditionally packed as hashish oil. These blends are not related to the real hashish oil and can be harmful, carcinogenic and have side effects in the long term due to the fact that they come from an unknown oil source and contain oxidized elements. 

Al-Mustashreq Trading Co. conducted analysis and tests on most of the oils and mixtures sold in the black market as hashish oil and it turned out that they are completely counterfeit and have nothing to do with real hashish oil. 

Al-Mustashreq Trading Co. is the first and only Saudi company in the Middle East that is certified and licensed to import and export Afghani Hashish Oil from the country of origin, Afghanistan, since 1999. We communicate with our customers inside and outside Saudi Arabia to benefit from their comments and feedback. We achieved unexpected results when difficult and almost hopeless cases were cured such as androgenic alopecia and alopecia totalis with a success rate that exceeded 95% in new cases and 45% in cases that have lasted more than 10 years. As to hair length and thickness, we have gone beyond reasonable limits and results showed a fold increase in length and natural thickness. To this date, the use of the Afghani Hashish Oil has not proved any changes in the results or any side effects after the completion of the 3-month therapeutic period.
With the Afghani Hashish Oil, you will no longer need any hair product or medicine and you will enjoy the same results even after stopping its use and without side effects on the short or long-term. The Afghani Hashish Oil will be an effective and enough treatment to change your scalp forever.


How to Make Sure that the Product is Original

This product is available exclusively at Al-Mustashreq Trading Company. To ensure your safety and to get the original product, we have secured all packages with a golden three-dimensional sticker that holds the slogan of the company. As the image shows, each package is well sealed with adhesive tape at the top and bottom of the package. When the tape is removed, the package cannot be returned and will be considered as damaged. Make sure that the package was not open before and ask for an approved bill from the company. If you order the product by shipping, make sure that all bank accounts that you convert the value of your order to, whether through ATM or bank, are under the name of Al-Mustashreq Trading Company. The company does not have any bank accounts under the name of any of its members or employees. 
Your health is important to us and your satisfaction is our goal. We disclaim any oil that does not carry the company's logo and sold on its behalf. The bottling and packaging are done in Afghanistan to ensure a 100% pure product for the benefit of all our valued customers.