Activating Hair Growth

The original Afghani Hashish Oil is a unique product for hair growth due to the technology and formula that truly re-grow hair. 
The effective substance in the Oil promotes high permeability by changing the arrangements of skin cells. This technique is considered safe to hair growth and treats most hair loss problems. 
During the three-month treatment period, the Oil activates blood circulation in skin and expands capillaries so hair continues growing in other levels. 

The original Afghani Hashish Oil has an exceptional ability to remove excess sebum in the sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland connects directly to hair follicles and plays an important role in distributing an oily substance, called sebum, to the skin and the hair of the scalp. The sebum moisturizes the skin and prevents it from dehydrating which leads to healthy hair. The sebum may also prevent the accumulation of bacteria. Nevertheless, in most men who suffer from hair loss, a lot of sebum starts accumulating inside hair follicles until it reaches the top of the scalp and oxidizes with air thus leading it to harden and allowing bacteria to enter through it. The bacteria then damage hair follicles and prevent hair from growing. This case is called seborrheic baldness. The original Afghani Hashish Oil is an excellent treatment for this case. 
Moreover, the original Afghani Hashish Oil has the ability to expand sweat glands (known as sudoriferous or sudoriparous glands) and improve the physiological function of the hair so that hair follicles can easily absorb nutrients. When you use the Oil for a period of time, hair follicles will absorb more vitamins necessary for hair growth such as amino acids and micro-elements that treat hair weakness and prolong the period of hair growth leading to taller, thicker hair.



In 1999, during the first phase of developing the formula, scientists and dermatologists used raw elements and ideal technologies to develop a natural product for hair growth. They did not only extract effective elements but also worked on maintaining the vital effectiveness of these raw elements. With the new peeling technology, the necessary elements in the original Afghani Hashish Oil have high effectiveness to grow hair faster and in a shorter period of time.  
The ideal concentration and effectiveness of every element contained in the Oil strengthen hair follicles. While some nutrients prevent hair from falling, the essential elements of the Oil work to restore hair.
Today, hair loss treatment products focus on preventing hair from falling by protecting the scalp from DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a secondary production of testosterone. DHT attacks hair follicles and thus prevent hair from growing leading to hair loss in men.
Anti-DHTs are effective in preventing DHT from attacking hair follicles. Yet a lot of people did not sense any success in hair growth using these anti-DHT products, such as Alminnoxdel. The reason is that hair follicles are already damaged and so treating them using anti-DHT will not produce any results. 
Using the original Afghani Hashish Oil, you will not only stop your hair from falling, but will grow new hair in bald spots, which was impossible to happen before.