About company

Al-Mustashreq Trading Co. is a certified Saudi Company.

Al-Mustashreq Trading Co. launched in 2000 the original Afghani Hashish Oil, a brand new product to the Arab World. The name is taken from the actual ingredients that make up the product. This Afghani Hashish Oil is made from highly effective 100% natural elements that help grow and treat hair from roots to ends, as was scientifically proven. Al-Mustashreq Trading Co. is the first and only Saudi company in the Middle East that is certified and licensed to import and export Afghani Hashish Oil from the country of origin, Afghanistan. In 1999, the founder of the company spent a whole year conducting research and experiments to find a treatment for androgenic alopecia and baldness. Later on, the work of the researchers and experts in Al-Mustashreq Trading Co. was focused on finding an effective treatment for hair growth from natural and toxic-free elements in a high-tech, bio-engineering environment. Tests have been conducted on the ingredients used in the preparation of the Afghani Hashish Oil based on numerous scientific studies.


A Humane Sense

Our work is mainly based on humane and ethical sense. We are committed to deliver a product with real results and without any side effects. The mutual trust between the company and the customer, social responsibility and customer satisfaction mark our work methodology. We believe that our customers are the source of every value and we seek their satisfaction hoping to exceed their expectations. We honor our pledge to provide superior and consistent results in the long term. We respond to all feedback and inquiries from our customers by using an advanced system to manage data and after-sales service. 

We are happy to serve more than 3 million customers around the world!

Real Results and Safe Solution To Grow Hair … and Hope