Yes, except if the case has reached a point where the scalp appears shiny. 

Yes, it can be used for all hair types including oily, dry, broken, dyed and damaged.

Yes. Both sexes and children above 2 can benefit from the original Afghani Hashish Oil. It is a safe and natural product used for growing hair, restoring hair follicles, stopping hair from falling, covering bald spots and increasing hair length, thickness and softness. 

All areas of the scalp will benefit from the Oil, but the results will be seen at a faster rate regarding the areas that have been affected by baldness. 

Yes, the original Afghani Hashish Oil treats hair loss forever before baldness occurs and a difficult hair loss problem appears. Yet, the basic three-month treatment period must be completed so results can consistent on the long term. 

The genetic factor is a major cause of baldness. Yet, it is not necessary that you must be affected by androgenic alopecia in case it appears in your family. There are other causes of baldness such as, DHT hormone, weakness of blood circulation, and damaged hair follicles, that you must also deal with. Applying the original Afghani Hashish Oil will cure baldness, stop hair loss completely and restore hair follicles along with increasing hair length and thickness. You will notice these results gradually on a monthly basis. For mild and medium cases, results will be seen after completing three-month treatment period. Yet for difficult cases, and those who have been suffering from baldness for more than 10 years, the treatment period will last between 6 to 9 months. You will not need to use the Oil after you complete the three-month treatment period unless you wanted to increase hair length and thickness. It depends on your personal desire. 

The original Afghani Hashish Oil is a real treatment for baldness and does not just delay it. The treatment period is three months with a success rate between 65% - 95%. The percentage of success, however, depends on the period that baldness has occurred for the person, male or female. A person who has been suffering from baldness for 20 years will not have the same case as one who has been seeing bald spots for two years. Yet, the minimum success percentage for the most difficult cases is 65%. This has been confirmed by the studies and experiments that lasted more than 13 years. 

Yes, the original Afghani Hashish Oil is a real and effective cure for growing hair rapidly in the chin, mustache, the chest, the back  and even in sensitive areas (except for eyelashes). It cures all hair loss problems whether they were as a result of genetic factor, birth defect, alopecia areata or alopecia universalis. The growth of new hair starts by the end of the second month of use and all patches will be completely covered by the end of the third month with an increase in hair length and thickness.

Yes, the original Afghani Hashish Oil is a real 100% cure. Its formula has been developed more than 13 years ago based on medical extracts that are safe to use. The Oil strengthens hair follicles by the extracts that have highly positive impact on hair without causing any side effects. 
The treatment course depends on the type of alopecia:
Alopecia areata: 2- 3 months
Alopecia universalis: the most difficult case of alopecia which results in total loss of all hair on the body. The treatment course lasts 3 – 6 months.
You will notice hair growth by the end of the second month and the total period for full treatment may take 4 – 6 months maximum. 
IMPORTANT CAUTION: don’t use the Oil for eyelashes.


The Oil has nothing to do with hair colors acquired from dyes. See Q 15. 

There are no reliable research and studies that confirm the relationship between taking showers and washing hair with cold water during the menstruation period and health problems. On the contrary, personal hygiene is very important during menstruation because the body secretes more sweat and grease and thus continuous hygiene prevents any odor or even harm.

Yes. The color of the hair is caused by melanin which depends entirely on thyroxin and its enzyme. Premature graying (hair turning gradually to white) occurs when the melanocytes decrease. 
Hair is essentially white, but the existence of pigment in hair follicles gives hair the color it appears with. The effective component in the original Afghani Hashish Oil focuses on non-vital hair follicles and secretes natural hair dye after treating the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide. Hair then turns gradually from white to brown or black but only in the case of premature graying. Unfortunately, people above 45 years old will not benefit from this.  


Of course there is a lot of hashish oil in the market that is absolutely counterfeit. They carry names like Green Hashish Oil, Black Raw Hashish Oil, Moroccan Hashish Oil, Indian Hashish Oil, Emarati Hashish Oil, etc. There are also a lot of anonymous sellers who use social networks to promote oils bearing the name of hashish oil. Their products contain unknown substances and they are harmful. A lot of people find their chance of gaining profit by promoting a successful product imitating its appearance and taking advantage of its reputation. Their end-products are just far from real. Yet, it is very easy to get them from perfumery and spice shops or from anonymous sellers who trade through forums on the Internet. Most of these products in the Middle East have chemical substances added to their formula, resembling the same percentage of the Hashish Oil. So, in order to protect its customers from deceit and ensure they get the real Hashish Oil, Al-Mustashreq Co. has secured all packages with a golden three-dimensional sticker that holds the slogan of the company. Each package is well sealed with adhesive tape at the top and bottom of the package. When the tape is removed, the package cannot be returned and will be considered as damaged. Make sure that the package was not open before and ask for an approved bill from the company. If you order the product by shipping, make sure that all bank accounts that you convert the value of your order to, whether through ATM or bank, are under the name of Al-Mustashreq Trading Company. The company does not have any bank accounts under the name of any of its members or employees. Your health is important to us and your satisfaction is our goal. We disclaim any oil that does not carry the company's logo and sold on its behalf. The bottling and packaging are done in Afghanistan to ensure a 100% pure product for the benefit of all our valued customers.

The product has no effect on pregnancy or breast milk according to the studies and experiments conducted by specialists. The Oil is absolutely safe to use for pregnant and nursing moms and the Company holds full responsibility for this. The dose, nonetheless, should be taken precisely and regularly to prevent hair from falling faster at pregnancy and breast-feeding periods. During pregnancy and breast-feeding, thousands of hair is lost due to the dystrophy of hair follicles. 

The Oil does not contain a narcotic component as it was removed from cannabis seeds oil in laboratories under the supervision of specialists. The narcotic component has no relation to the treatment whatsoever. There are thousands of drugs extracted from plants which the law regards as prohibited. For example, Morphine, which is the best analgesic, is extracted from Papaver somniferum. Also, anesthetic substances are extracted from coca plants. After being collected and cleaned by specialists, all these plants are processed and the harmful substances they contain are removed in the laboratory. Then they are kept under sound scientific standards. The original Afghani Hashish Oil is 100% natural and safe and causes no side effects on the long term. Its formula contains no chemical or manufactured substances.  

Put a sufficient and proper amount on the desired area in the face, mustache or eyebrows and then do a 30-second massage, at least 15 minutes before bedtime so skin pores can absorb the oil and it can be dry. Wash the area in the next morning with regular water and soap. Repeat this daily until completing the three-month treatment period. This is done for growing hair in bald patches in the chin, mustache, eyebrows and chest for men.
Oil must be kept away from eyes and ears. In case oil leaked in them, wash them immediately with water. Be careful not to apply Oil on areas that you don’t want to grow hair on. If Oil reaches these areas regularly, new hair can grow on them. 


During the first week:
1-    Hair loss stops completely
2-    Dandruff and greasy and bacterial secretions are removed
3-    Hair is softened; damaged or broken hair is treated
Results by the end of the first month:
1-    Hair length will increase between 5 – 6 cm
2-    Hair thickness will increase between 15 – 20 %
Important Note
Hair length, thickness and softness double on a monthly basis when using the original Afghani Hashish Oil.
Example of Hair Length Rates
First month: 5- 6 cm
Second month: 12 cm
Third month: 18 cm
Fourth month: 24 cm
Fifth month: 30 cm

Results by the end of the second month:
1-    Growing and restoring hair follicles that were previously weak and non-viable
2-    Re-growing hair and covering bald spots gradually
3-    Controlling the flow of DHT hormone
4-    Treating premature graying of hair by turning white hair to brown
Results at the End of the Third Month
1-    Covering bald spots entirely
2-    Maintaining results
3-    Complete grow of new hair
4-    Treating premature graying of hair by turning white hair to brown

The rate of gaining the desired results depends on the problem itself. Customers may use the Oil to increase hair length and thickness and stop hair loss. Others use it because they suffer from androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, or bald patches in the scalp, chin or mustache. In most cases, you will see positive results by the end of the first month. Hair length and thickness will increase and hair loss will stop completely. We recommend consistent use for three months before evaluating the results for people suffering from androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, or bald patches.  As for people who use the Oil to increase hair length and thickness only, they decide the duration of use. 

The treatment period differs from one person to another only in difficult and advanced cases in which people suffer from a long period of alopecia totalis or androgenic alopecia. For some people, it takes 9 months maximum for full new hair to grow. The sooner these diseases are treated, the better. Despite that, 85% of alopecia totalis and androgenic alopecia cases are treated in 3 months only. The most difficult and rare cases (only 15%) take longer time. 

When you get the desired results, you are not obliged to continue using the product. But you have to keep away from using chemical substances as much as possible to maintain the results you hoped for. If you use hair dryers regularly or if you are used to changing your hair color or style on a monthly basis as required by your job (such as TV presenters, actors, and celebrities), we recommend applying the Oil twice or thrice a week though it is not necessary if you don’t wish to. The original Afghani Hashish Oil is not like some drugs that must be used daily for the rest of life. Studies and experiments conducted on the Oil confirmed that three months of regular use will be sufficient to make your hair healthy and strong with good results in regards to length and thickness. 

Children’s shampoo contains fewer chemicals compared with other shampoos. Thus they are the best alternate in case you don’t have a 100% natural shampoo. So it is best used on the scalp in the same period you are using the Oil to get the best results. Nonetheless, it is not necessary if you don’t use children shampoo.

The original Afghani Hashish Oil does not contain any chemicals so it cannot harm any infection or wounds on the scalp, according to previous studies.
In fact, the original Afghani Hashish Oil treats some infections including:
1-    Fungal infections: such as favus
2-    Bacterial infections: such as furunculosis
3-    Viral infections: chickenpox and herbes zoster 
4-    Parasitic infections: cutaneous leishmaniasis
5-    Tumors and skin cancers 
6-    Tumors related to immunity, such as lupus erythematosus


Minoxidil spray contains narcotic substances that hair follicles become addicted to it. If you suddenly stopped using it, this will cause a sudden damage to hair and dramatically increase hair loss. Even if the original Afghani Hashish Oil can cure the scalp effectively and reduce hair loss, it is advised that you follow these specific steps of using the Oil. 
In case you are using Minoxidil spray, you must apply the Oil in a day and the spray in another day provided that you use the spray once a day and not twice. Example: 
The First Month:
Saturday: apply the original Afghani Hashish Oil
Sunday: use Minoxidil once
Until the end of the first month, use an appropriate amount of the Oil according to your hair’s length and thickness. Use a needle to ensure the right amount is taken, distribute on the whole scalp and do a message carefully with your fingers for 1 minute until the scalp absorbs the Oil. Leave Oil on your scalp for 3 hours and then wash it. You can also apply Oil in the evening and wash your scalp the next morning. Oil must be left on the scalp for at least 3 hours and 12 hours maximum. 

The Second Month:
You will use Minoxidil only twice a week: the first time at the beginning of the week and the other at the middle. However, use the original Afghani Hashish Oil one day after the other until the end of the second month.
The Third Month
Stop using Minoxidil completely and keep up the routine of using the Oil day after day. It is recommended to continue using the Oil day after day for 6 months for people who have been using Minoxidil even if good results appeared in the first three months to ensure consistency on the long term. 

No conflict or damage will happen if you use the Oil after hair transplantation. On the contrary, using the Oil enforces transplanted hair follicles to grow and branch instead of being weak, especially in the first year after hair transplantation. A high percentage of hair follicles die -just like plants- when moved from their original position. Yet using the original Afghani Hashish Oil will strengthen hair follicles and grow new hair in two ways. The first one is that hair follicles branch and new hairs grow from the same follicle instead of one hair in each follicle. The second way is that weak hair follicles that used to produce very thin hair will now produce thick hair. In case you never did hair transplantation, we advise you not to do so as the original Afghani Hashish Oil will spare you the effort of the surgery and produces 10 times better and consistent results. 

It is better you choose either to complete your diet schedule and then treat your hair using the original Afghani Hashish Oil  or do the opposite. You have to choose either of the options by deciding which one is the priority for you: your hair or body weight. In case you followed your diet schedule and used the Oil, the results will be 50% slower compared with other people. 

Yes, it can be used for children above 2 years old and there are no side effects on the shorter or longer term

The manufacturing and packaging is done in the native country, Afghanistan, at a high quality factory and by the supervision of experts and specialists in the field

It consists of only cannabis seeds juice. There are no external additions

The Oil has no side effects as it consists of 100% natural elements. Using the Oil does not require consulting a doctor or getting a formula and it does not contain chemical elements.


It is permissible to use the original Afghani Hashish Oil as it is extracted from cannabis seeds. Some people may wonder if the plant which Oil is extracted from is the same plant that is used in some drugs. It is the same plant but the narcotic substance is removed at medical labs by experts. In fact, this narcotic substance has no relation with hair treatment. Thus it is absolutely permissible to use the Oil. You can also perform your prayers after applying the Oil without performing ‘wudu’. Watch this video as the Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Al Alsheikh permits using Hashish Oil for hair treatment:



One bottle is 600 SR (163 USD $)
Bottle size: 200 ml
One bottle is enough to use for 20 days for women, one month for men or 50 days for children.


The product cannot be found in pharmacies or stores. You can order it directly from Al Mustashreq Co. (located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) to ensure you get the original product. Delivery inside Jeddah city is free and cash on delivery. For other regions in Saudi Arabia, delivery will be made after 24 hours. After you confirm ordering, shipping will be done by SMSA Express (f. FedEx) and for the rest of the world, by DHL. Delivery is done between 3 – 7 working days.  

We have agents in some Arab countries and currently, the company is searching for dealers in order to provide the product to its customers around the world. Nonetheless, there are a lot of procedures to be followed according to countries’ different laws and policies. See the section about dealers to get information about your country’s agent. If your country does not have an authorized agent, you can still order the product via our website and it will be delivered to your door house according to the shipping schedule. 

Al Mustashreq Co. is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Established in 1999, it is the first and only company in the Arab World certified in importing and exporting the original Afghani Hashish Oil to the rest of the world.