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after before
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after before
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User Reviews

  • Undisputed Oil, grant me a miracle after years on me, although i am a hair transplant in turkey before three years and I have bald bald means most of the hair follicles is dead, but maybe the kaaba to the results of the oil in a year than agriculture much after 3 years From Agriculture that cost me and tired in vain, and the price is simple for its effectiveness and tried after one of my brothers and money noticed any side effects and now off to st‘mạlh from a long time. Don't you notice any shedding Malawi any problems! Praise God  

    @Taher Albogami, SA

  • Oh praise God find freshman and nourishing. Used 4 months in 2015 and may God feel to the continuing that long on the regular and the intensity of the same thing to a smooth change with hatred I stood for a long time thank you may god bless you  

    @Samar ALahmari, SA

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